It all started approximately a month after getting married. The shaving stopped and soon my usually designer stubble adorned man was sporting a lustrous beard. It was his work of art and his pride . The key to his manliness. Beards were trending amongst celebs and normal folk alike and my husband was keen to join on the bandwagon. He claimed repeatedly that he was a "Real Man" and real men supposedly don't shave and let nature do what it intended. I started to dread the kisses as his scraped my face with his whiskers! The longer it got, the more unruly it became and I knew there had to be a way to get this "real man" to groom his manliness. I knew he would sneakily use my eye cream and moisturiser but never wanted to buy his own. I knew there needed to be solution to helping his beard and thus I embarked on a little adventure and using my own oils I had at home, I concocted a custom blend to help his beard. Within days the change was unbelievable! His beard looked shinier, smoother and when he kissed me it became a pleasure. his beard didn't itch anymore, his skin below was moisturised and he looked so handsome!  It became a staple grooming product in maintaining his beard. Soon I realised it was time to make up some bottles of this magic stuff to share with bearded folk across the land. So after trying different oils, on many a beard, we found the perfect blend and that is when The Real Man Company was born.